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Journal of Western Travel

by John McTurk Gibson
edited by Weldon Hoppe
August 31st, 1859 -- Leaving Carson City to the right, we took a cut-off across the sand for eight miles, since that we have been skirting the Nevada Mountains covered with pine and cedar. We have passed several ranches and altogether the valley looks more like living than any thing we have seen lately. We have now got rid of sagebrush and greasewood and are regaling ourselves with sparkling mountain streams and ice-cold springs instead of the salt, hot and alkali ones of former times. We came to a halt about two miles below a small town called Genoa. Ben is engaged in cutting down his heavy wagon, making it more portable for crossing the mountains.

Travelled 16 miles this forenoon. We entered Carson Valley. It is thinly settled, trading houses are scattered along the road. There are some large ranches in this valley. There is but little grain grown in this valley. We are camped one half mile from the road by the river and 2 miles below Genoa. We left Carson City 3 miles to the right this morning. From Carson City to Placerville 110, Carson to Genoa 16 miles.

Copyright © 1997 Weldon Hoppe
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