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Journal of Western Travel

by John McTurk Gibson
edited by Weldon Hoppe
July 10th, 1859 -- Sunday again, but no feed, consequently we drove ahead some 8 miles passing Millerville, a large trading post on Black's Fork, where over 200 heavy wagons belonging to Major & Russell are laying apparently going to ruin. We forded the Fork twice, one of my best oxen got sick today, but whether or not it will result fatally is more than I can tell, tonight will decide the question. We have first rate feed down on the river about one mile from the road.

Travelled 7 miles and camped on Black 8 miles below Bridger on good grass. It commenced raining at 12 to day and has kept it up all day. Just below here is a ranch which I suppose belong to Major Russels & Co. About 200 wagons are carelled there. There is a store and some other buildings. We have a sick ox.

Copyright © 1997 Weldon Hoppe
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