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Journal of Western Travel

by John McTurk Gibson
edited by Weldon Hoppe
July 15th, 1859 -- We have got through Echo Canon at last, some 20 miles in all, at the western extremity of the Canon we saw the Mormon fortifications, got up to oppose Uncle Sam's troops and I must say they are the silliest attempt I ever saw. Some three or four ditches about six feet deep and as many wide, intersect the road, and on the tops of the mountains in every direction, small forts composed of very small stones command the Canon for some distance, and look for all the world like schoolboy playhouses, falling far short of ever Twentyfication, in fact any one who ever saw these _________ demonstrations of our friend Brigham, would at once conclude, that all the fuss was mainly got up to induce Uncle Sam to send out his troops in order to get a little money into circulation in this section; in this all know how well he succeeded, leaving these hostile demonstrations we travelled through Provo Canon, reaching Weber River, a beautiful stream fringed with cottonwood, willow, currants and jack-oak, the canon now takes the name of Weber Canon, we followed the river for nearly four miles near which we are now camped on a bluff overlooking the river having come some 17 miles of pretty rough, hilly road.

Travelled 17 miles. We have got through Echo Canon. The west 5 miles of the canon is quite a sight, one of the sides is perpendicular, while the other is a gradular slope. I think the banks are 400 feet in places. In the rockiest the Mormons commenced to fortify it. They dug 3 ditches acrosst the canon about 4 feet in depth by 5 in width and on the high points of the rocks they built small stone walls to protect them from the fire of the soldiers. They had built some small breast works across canons putting in to Echo Canon. As we left the canon we strike Weber River. It is about 50 feet by 2 in depth and a beautiful stream. We travelled down it 5 miles and crossed on a free bridge and camped.

Copyright © 1997 Weldon Hoppe
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