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Journal of Western Travel

by John McTurk Gibson
edited by Weldon Hoppe
July 29th, 1859 -- It proved too cold last night for the mosquitoes consequently we had a splendid nights rest and enjoyed it too with infinite gusto, breakfast was in my opinion announced a great deal too soon. We took dinner about a mile east of the point where Sublett's Cut-off comes in to the Salt Lake road. City Rocks are in the immediate vicinity. Saw a woman on horseback packing it through to California, merry as a cricket, hope she'll make her pile, and catch a mate, she deserves the best kind of luck. Hauled up at the Mountain Spring, splendid water, fair grass, and cool enough to be pleasant. The Indians are said to be very hostile in this quarter, but somehow we all appear to be perfectly regardless, and if a fight should occur, I presume we would all wade in, considering that only one of the parts laid down in the programme. We have a delegation of Shoshones in camp now, they don't appear to be very warlike, or even capable of doing much mischief. We have come 18 miles today, and are now at the foot of the Goose Creek Mountains.

Travelled 18 miles. We crossed a small stream in the morning and a creek at 12 o'clock. We arrived at the junction at noon of the Sail's Fort Hall and Salt Lake Roads. We found springs 1 mile east of the junction. There is some peculiar rocks by the junction called the City of Rocks because they represent a city for the junction. West 3 miles we found water. We are camped at the foot of Goose Creek Mountain. Good grass and water to knight. Some of the boys caught some young eagles of the grey species to day.

Copyright © 1997 Weldon Hoppe
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