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Journal of Western Travel

by John McTurk Gibson
edited by Weldon Hoppe
May 23rd, 1859 -- We parted from the boys, with three times three in full chorus, saw tears glisten in several eyes and gee up Brandy we went against a head wind all day, the sand blowing enough to blind us. Altogether the most disagreeable day we have had since we started. We are now opposite Grand Island, said to be 80 miles long, camped by the river, and are now holding on to our tents to keep them from being torn up bodily, it has blowed great guns for several hours, and not done yet.

Travelled about twelve miles. We had a strong wind to drive against all day. The wind blew the hardest I ever saw, to last all day, it was ridiculous.

Copyright © 1997 Weldon Hoppe
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